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Many high profile archaeological finds have been discovered in Somerset and digs continue to uncover new artefacts to improve our understanding of the past. Particularly notable sites of international importance include the Glastonbury Lake Villages and the Roman Villas of Lopen and Low Ham, amongst many others.


Examples of projects and investigations include:


  • The Lost Islands of Somerset, to understand ancient human activity and settlement on numerous small ‘islands’ in the Somerset Levels & Moors.


  • Excavations near Cannington at Hinkley Point have uncovered a dark ages burial site and Roman villa.


  • New technology is being used to evaluate the condition of Glastonbury Lake Village, with parts of it uncovered for the first time in 100 years.


  • The discovery of a rare posnet (a small cooking pot with three feet) and confirmation of a late Medieval Priory site at Burtle.


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Archaeology at Hinkley Point


The South West Heritage Trust, with funding from EDF Energy, is leading a project to maximise the learning potential of the archaeology discovered at Hinkley Point.


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Avalon Marshes Hands on Heritage


The Avalon Archaeology ‘Hands on Heritage’ project celebrates the natural landscape, wildlife and cultural heritage of the Somerset Levels through 60 different projects, as part of the HLF funded Avalon Marshes Landscape Partnership.


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Film: You can watch some short films about our excavations and projects on our YouTube channel.

Photos: You can see some great photos of our projects on our Google Plus page.

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