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Advanced Palaeography Course

John Booker is planning to run an advanced palaeography course this autumn to mark the recent publication of his book, Devon Deciphered.  

Topics to be Studied

The documents to be studied will lie roughly in the date range 1450-1700.  While the emphasis will be on Secretary Hand, Latin will not be overlooked.  More generally, the content will appeal to those who have already completed an elementary course and wish to acquire a better knowledge of formulaic medieval Latin.  Familiarity with Latin will be an advantage, but the course will provide basic instruction and advice for those who have forgotten what they learnt at school or are currently struggling on a teach-yourself basis.

Details about the Course

The course, limited to 15 places, will be held at the Devon Heritage Centre on six consecutive Monday mornings, between 10.00 am and 1.00 pm, beginning on 16 October and concluding on 20 November.  The cost will be £56, and this can be paid by cheque (payable to South West Heritage Trust Trading Ltd) or by credit or debit card.

Find Out More

To register for a place, please contact Brian Carpenter or for questions about the scope of the course, or its suitability for you, contact John Booker directly.

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