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In-School Workshops

Our fun and interactive in-school workshops are available throughout the year and are all ninety minutes long. Each workshop can be delivered to one class of up to 35 pupils at a time and workshop timings can fit around you and the school day. We can adapt some workshops to suit different needs nad age groups, so please ask if you have any special requirements.

All of our in-school workshops can be complemented by ordering related loans items, which will help enhance classroom teaching and take children's learning even further.

Dinosaurs and Fossils KS1

Discover more about fossils, bones and dinosaurs, with this super science-based investigation! Explore prehistoric life by handling fossils, building a plesiosaur, and decorating your very own ammonite. 

Please note: this workshop can be adapted to feature an activity about Mary Anning, Dorset's famous fossil-hunting pioneer.

Toys and Games KS1

Explore and play with toys from the past in this lively investigation. Take part in Victorian playground games, find out what’s similar and what’s different between old and new toys, and have a go at some Victorian animation too!

At the Seaside KS1

An action-packed workshop exploring seaside holidays of the past! Get hands-on with history, and discover old photographs, artefacts, and costumes, all with a nautical theme.

Pirates Ahoy! KS1

NEW for 2017

Ready to walk the plank, and search for buried treasure? This swashbuckling workshop for younger children explores the wonderful world of pirates. Discover more about William Dampier, the famous Somerset buccaneer, create your own pirate treasure, and dress up in period costume for imaginative play. Avast, me hearties!

Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole KS1 / KS2

Learn about the life of the world’s most famous nurses, using artefacts and archival documents to investigate their history. Dress up as a nurse or a soldier, pack a suitcase for some travels to the Crimea, and find out how Florence and Mary changed hospitals and medicine forever. 

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Teeth and Bones KS1 / KS2

Discover the importance of teeth and bones through this hands-on science-based workshop. Identify and handle a variety of artefacts, understand what bones do for humans and animals, and construct a skeleton using what you've found out!

Egyptian Adventures KS1 / KS2

NEW for 2017

Explore Ancient Egyptian life through this amazing archaeological investigation! Discover what Egyptians believed, learn about famous archaeological pioneers, handle real Egyptian objects, and create crafts inspired by the culture of the Pharaohs.

Somerset in Wartime KS2

Explore life in Somerset during World War Two, through this engaging and action-packed workshop. Put out an incendiary bomb using a real stirrup pump, learn about rationing and life in the Home Guard, discover evacuees’ experiences, and feel history come to life in your classroom.

Victorian Childhood KS2

Life for children in Victorian Somerset was very different to today. Dress up in historical costume, learn about Victorian schools, and investigate nineteenth-century childhood through drama, object-handling, sewing and archival sources.

Rocks and Fossils KS2

Discover more about rocks and fossils with this interactive investigation, and develop your scientific and geological skills. Explore unique rocks and fossils from our collections, learn about how these artefacts are formed, play ‘Identification Bingo’, and create your own fossil too!

Please note: this workshop can be adapted to feature an activity about Mary Anning, Dorset's famous fossil-hunting pioneer.

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All in-school workshops are 90 minutes long, and we can take up to 35 students per workshop. Our leader will arrive approximately 30 minutes before the start of the first workshop in order to set up. The workshop times can be tailored to fit around you and your school day, and can be run either in a classroom or in a hall space, according to your preference.

Workshop Prices

All in-school workshops are £120* each

There is an additional travel cost for all in-school workshops

Workshop price does not include travel cost - this is charged additionally. Travel cost is calculated based on return mileage from the Somerset Heritage Centre in Taunton, and ranges from £5-£40. Please contact us for a specific price for your school.

* Pay as you go rate. If your school has a subscription with the Somerset Heritage Learning Service, then workshops are either free or half price. 

Booking and Contact

 If you would like to book simply complete the booking form and return it to us.  If you have any questions or for further information, please contact us.

01823 347451

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