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The Farmyard

The Farmyard was a busy place. Cows came here to be milked in the milking sheds. Wagons from the fields brought in hay during summer. The farm labourers worked to pile dung on the dung heap.


Next to the yard the horses were stabled. They were the farm’s essential source of power, pulling wagons and ploughs as well as other farm equipment. In recognition of this there is a striking life-sized sculpture of a horse, made from reclaimed metal, by artist Harriet Mead.


The farm’s first tractor, a grey Ferguson T20, arrived in the late 1940s. Look out for the Ferguson T20 tractor, or the Little Grey Fergie, in the Farmyard. 


The wooden granary originally stood at Little Burcott Farm near Wells. It was built on ‘staddle’ stones to stop hungry rats and mice from reaching the grain.  As part of the redevelopment we have undertaken conservation work on the granary which can be seen in the Farmyard.

A horse-drawn hay wagon at Abbey Farm, c. 1945

The Farmyard offers wonderful views to the Tor and features a striking life-sized sculpture of a horse

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