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Support for all forms of heritage in the counties of Somerset and Devon is at our core and we seek out opportunities for new projects wherever possible.


Our Curators are constantly developing new projects and themes including exhibitions and outreach sessions.



  • War Stories explores the impact of the Second World War on Somerset people. It draws on interviews recorded seventy years after the war ended and reveals how the events of 1939–1945 shaped lives forever.


Museum Development Officers (MDO) provide high quality professional sector support and advice to help museums in their area. They can support museums across all aspects of their operations including collections and business management, workforce, governance and funding. They also support museums to develop realistic approaches to learning and community engagement, partnership working, audience development and sustainability.


We have specialist staff in:

• Archaeology
• Geology
• Natural history
• Social history
• Textiles


As well as the material on display in our museums, we hold extensive reserve collections. These are held at the Somerset Heritage Centre in Taunton.


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