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Heritage Reminiscence in Somerset & Devon

Our community reminiscence sessions bring the heritage resources of Somerset and Devon direct to your group.


Guided by trained experts, they are activity rich and allow people to touch, handle, listen and use their senses to stimulate recall.


Price per session:

Each one hour session costs £50

This includes our travel to your venue in Somerset or Devon



Contact & booking


Phone: 01823 347451

"The residents always enjoy the visits, the leader presents the session in an easy to understand and inclusive way, which is much appreciated."

Reminiscence Sessions

We offer a number of themed sessions.

House and Homes

Re-live the practicalities and pleasures of home life. Collect old money in a piggy bank and see how much it’s worth in ‘new’ money. Imagine washing the traditional way with original soap flakes. Then settle down in front of the fire with some knitting patterns, the latest copy of ‘Good Housekeeping,’ or a postcard from a friend. Even have a go dialling on a vintage telephone!

A Sweet Tooth

Most people remember the treats of their childhood. Travel back down memory lane to when a handful of coppers bought Bulls Eyes, Black Jacks and Sherbet Lemons. Smell some ingredients and even taste some classic sweets. Let your imagination take a stroll to the corner sweet shop and a visit to the school dentist!

Toys and Games

From marbles to skipping ropes, everyone played games in their younger years. Explore a wide range of hands-on games designed to get people to share their own memories. Play an audio game, matching the sound to the toy or game. Listen, touch and re-live the actions of childhood play in this practical session.

World War Two

Look at life on the homefront during the war, using a range of familiar objects and documents take a journey back to times of rationing, blackouts and evacuees. See films of local residents and West Country images, smell wartime fragrances. This experience provides a vivid snapshot of wartime Britain.

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Somerset Wildlife

Living in Somerset has always been about being close to the countryside.  Choose your favourite bird and see some taxidermy examples.  Hear Froude’s story about hunting for food and match the wild animals from a selection of real skulls!  Talk about how our connection with the countryside has changed over the years.

At the Seaside

Take a trip with us to the beach!  Identify a range of seaside smells and sounds and hear about Ron’s Sunday School trip to Burnham.  Touch and feel real shells and pebbles in our sand tray.  With mystery objects and much more this is a real holiday treat.

Wash Day

It’s Monday, it’s wash day!  Listen to memories from Joyce about helping her mother with the washing.  See demonstrations using an authentic dolly, posser, washboard and wash tub, with real ‘Sunlight’ soap.  Have a go yourself with scrubbing and rinsing. A real, hands-on, bubbly session!

Food and Farming

Look at a shopping basket of food from the grocer. Share memories and hear Mary’s story about butter making. Touch and see real food and farming tools from the countryside. This session works well in rural areas where people have spent their life on the land.

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