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Opportunities for sponsorship .....

In addition to the Founder Member Scheme there are other ways you can support us and be publicly recognised as a benefactor to the heritage of the South West:

Sponsor an exhibition
A temporary exhibition typically costs £10,000 to produce. Some exhibitions can cost significantly more. If you would like to consider sponsoring an exhibition, we would be delighted to discuss the opportunities with you. Single heritage events can also be sponsored.


Support an acquisition
The Trust seeks to build the heritage collections wherever this is possible. Acquisitions can typically cost from a few hundred pounds (for example, the recent acquisition of First World War archive material) to tens of thousands (for example, £30,000 for a Newlyn School painting, and £150,000 for an Anglo-Saxon sculpture). Such acquisitions are only possible through generous funding from public and private sources. Again, we would be delighted to discuss the opportunities with you.


Adopt an object or a collection
Many of our objects and collections (museum and archive) have significant conservation needs. For example, it may typically cost up to £5,000 to clean and conserve a fine art oil painting. If you would like to support this aspect of our work, there are many opportunities to explore.


Sponsor a room, a gallery, or a whole building
If you would like your name or organisation to be permanently linked to a room, a gallery, or a whole building, that is possible as well. Opportunities exist at all our museums and heritage centres, including at Somerset Rural Life Museum which is currently undergoing major refurbishment.


Sponsor a landscape site
Our historic landscapes include iconic sites such as Cothelstone Hill and the Blackmoor Reserve, Charterhouse. Opportunities for sponsorship include new interpretation and signage, as well as accessibility improvements.


Sponsor our learning programme
Learning is at the heart of what we do. If you would like to support our learning programme, and especially our work with the young and the very old, we can shape sponsorship opportunities that meet your aspirations and ours.



Contact the Business Manager to discuss these and more opportunities for sponsorship by email or by phone on 01823 347411.


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