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North Devon Record Office Charges for Services

Searchroom Copying
C searchroom copying

Archives A4 black and white photocopying


Archives A3 black and white photocopying


Archives A4 colour photocopying


Archives A3 colour photocopying


Colour A4 or A3 printing from public computers


Microfiche/microfilm A4 black and white printing


Microfiche/microfilm A3 black and white printing


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Camera Licences (including printer/scanners)
C camera licences

Daily licence


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Research Service 
C research service

Private Research (per hour) (available from January 2017)


Commercial Research (per hour) (available from January 2017)


Certification of a copy


Minimum fee


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Copies of Microfiche
C copying fiche


£3 each

Order Charge


Postage and Packaging (UK) up to 50 fiche


Postage and Packaging (Overseas) up to 50 fiche


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Certification of parish register entries

Baptism certificate


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Archive Conservation (Provided via Devon Heritage Centre)
C conservation

Private Archive Conservation (per hour)


Handling Demonstrations Session (Half Day)


Preservation Training Session (Half Day)


Preservation Training Sessoion (Whole Day)


Visit to Assess Archive Collection Not For Deposit (per hour)


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Outreach and Learning
C outreach and learning

Tour and Introduction to the North Devon Record Office (maximum 15 people per group)


Talks to Local County Groups On or Off site


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Permission to Publish
C permission to publish

Not for Profit Publication (per image)


Commerical Publication, including TV (1 image)


Commercial Publication, including TV (2 - 5 images, per image)


Commercial Publication, including TV (6 and over images, per image)


TV and Radio Attendance (per hour)


TV/Film Repeats and Additional Rights (eg. Anytime, worldwide, cable and satellite)


Extensive Filming

Price on Application

Administration Charge


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